Reception Area

Our welcoming staff are here to help make your visit to our facility as pleasant as possible.


There’s plenty to do in our waiting area. Make yourself a hot tea and relax, or explore a wide variety of our unique toys, educational material, food and treats. We may even have pets looking for homes in our adoption condos.

Exam Room

Our exam room is quite and comfortable. This room is equipped with an automatic lift table, allowing some our larger or older and arthritic patients to effortlessly walk on the table with ease and be raised up without strain. The room is also equipped with an otoscope, allowing you to see first hand on a television screen what the doctor is seeing in your pet’s ears and other hard to spot areas.

Comfort/Consultation Room

Sometimes a sick pet can be an emotional time. We offer a comfortable and private area for you to take the time you need with your pet.

Treatment Area

This is the busiest area of the clinic. Here, we ensure your pet receives the most advanced treatment available and is always under our watchful care. This is where we prep patients for surgery and closely monitor hospitalized loved ones.

Surgical Suite

Our staff uses the most advanced equipment in the field to ensure our patients receive the highest level of care possible. Our surgical suite is equipped with Cutting Edge Laser Surgery, as well as, advanced surgical monitoring equipment to ensure the greatest level of safety for your loved one during their procedure.

Radiology Suite

Our radiology suite offers the latest in x-ray technology. Previously only found in human medicine, digital x-rays allow us to capture an image in seconds rather than minutes and with far greater detail than film radiographs. This eliminates the need for multiple shots and causes far less stress on your loved one.

The “Ruff” House

The “Ruff” House offers spacious and clean doggie suites. Here, drop off appointments, grooming dogs, and those participating in doggie-daycare have their own place to relax and feel at home if they aren’t actively playing with our staff.

Cat Lounge/ Quiet Room

The S’paw

The S’paw is where the magic happens for a pampered pooch or feline. Here, our experienced pet stylist will transform your pet into a masterpiece. The S’paw features a slip-free tub they can walk right into and a specially designed grooming sink so our smaller dogs and felines feel more comfortable and safe.