Our medical facility is designed to provide your loved ones with the highest quality of care. Whether it is a preventative, diagnostic, or therapeutic service, you can feel confident in our ability to meet your pet’s full health care needs.

Complete medical assessment: An annual checkup is a complete medical assessment that begins with a thorough physical examination. Your pet’s eyes, ears, skin, heart, digestive, and skeletal system are examined for any abnormalities. Annual wellness exams include routine screenings for a variety of potential diseases and conditions.

Experience the difference

Advanced Video Otoscope: Our exam rooms feature Video Otoscopes, this new tool allows the doctor and pet owner to better visualize small areas such as the ears, nose, and throat through the use of a small non-invasive probe. Owners are able to see what the doctor sees on the LCD screen in front of them. This thorough examination is performed right in the exam room and is included in every annual examination for no additional charge.

This is what a normal, healthy eardrum looks like and what our doctor and pet owners see on our advanced video otoscope technology

This is what an infected canine eardrum looks like. Here, you can see that yeast and bacteria has overtaken the ear, preventing a clear view of the eardrum.

Full in-house laboratory: We’re very proud of our complete in-house laboratory, which eliminates the need to send tests into outside laboratories. We are able to perform a wide variety of diagnostic tests including, but not limited to: complete blood count, blood chemistry, electrolytes, thyroid testing, heartworm testing and urinalysis with bacterial culture. Results are ready within minutes! This is crucial for emergency care of your pet and rapid retesting of values. Blood profiles can be tailored to your pet’s needs including pre-surgical, senior and wellness profiles.

For more specialized testing, or if we want the opinion of a veterinary pathologist, we send samples to a leading veterinary reference laboratory.

We Are PennHip Certified! We are proud to be one of the few veterinary clinics in Iowa to offer PennHIP to your furbaby to help scan their hips and detect any early signs of complications. To learn more about PennHIP, click here.