Your pet’s annual checkup will always include an evaluation of his or her dental health. Bacteria and food debris can accumulate around your furry family member’s teeth, creating plaque and tartar buildup. If left untreated, it can lead to periodontal disease and/or deterioration of the gums and the supporting bony structures. This decay can lead to irreversible periodontal disease and eventual tooth loss or abscess.

Our staff can recommend and demonstrate effective preventive measures you can practice at home. These practices help extend your pet’s life and health, and can also help you avoid costly dental procedures!

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Specialized Animal Dentistry Equipment:

Dental Digital Radiology (X-rays): Dental digital x-rays are essential to determining your pet’s true oral health. The majority of serious dental problems happen under the gum line and therefore cannot always be detected by a visual examination of the mouth. This revolutionary machine can detect the early stages of an abscess, fractures, and much more to help diagnose and treat problems before they become painful for your pet.